• Walking to Singapore
  • [Buy this book now only at the bookstore. Order from bookstores everywhere in 4-6 weeks!]Southeast Asia is a world filled with mystery and intrigue, and one that doesn't give up its secrets easily—as the author and his wife soon found out! Walking To Singapore is an often hilarious, but always informative look at the daily lives... Read more
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  • Reisgids Dominicus Indonesië - Java - Bali - Lombok - Sumatra | Gottmer
  • Rijk geillustreerde gids met nadruk op historische en culturele hoogtepunten. Daarnaast nog veel besprekingen van toeristische plaatsen. Zonder meer een complete gids met in deze nieuwe editie ook aandacht voor landschap en natuur. Na een jarenlange dip is Indonesië helemaal terug als toeristische bestemming. Het aantal reizigers naar de... Read more
  • A Trail of Visions-Route One
  • After spending six years as a press photographer, Vicki Couchman spent a year travelling independently around Asia. Using her expertise as a professional photographer, she captures images that many see, but never take. Her photographs seize the action, emotion, and poignancy of the moment and are fantastic insights into the foreign cultures... Read more
  • A Trail of Visions
  • <DIV><P style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">This is an intimate portrait of one person's travels on a shoestring budget through exotic and exciting lands. Each image portrays the intimacy, excitement, and adventure that can be found through independent travel.</P></DIV> Read more
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  • Indonesia
  • Indonesia on a double-sided map at 1:4,000,000 from Periplus, with more detailed presentation of Bali and Bali’s southern tourist region, a large street plan of central Jakarta, plus a map of the capital with its outer suburbs.On one side are the islands Western Indonesia: Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Bali, Lombok and most of Sumbawa, plus the... Read more
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  • Java and Bali
  • Java and Bali on a double-sided map at 1:600,000 from Periplus, accompanied by enlargements of southern Bali and overview street plans of Jakarta and Yogyakarta. All are annotated with numerous places of interest.Java is divided between the two sides of the map, with the whole of Bali shown at the same scale of 1:600,000 as an inset. Coverage... Read more
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