GR14 - Sentier de l'Ardenne


  1. Name GR14 - Sentier de l'Ardenne (GR14)
  2. Length of trail 782 km, 486 miles
  3. Length in days 39 days
  4. Start of trail Malmédy (B)
  5. End of trail Paris (F)
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail


GR14, Malmédy - Paris, 782 km (in Belgium 221 km, in France 561 km)

This trail starts in the Ardennes in Belgium, the city of Malmédy. Hence the Belgium name "Sentier de l'Ardenne". The Ardennes is a attractive and characteristic hill region in the east of Belgium. In France the trail first heads due south, the region called Argonne. For a larg part this is a forest trail. Then it turns west into the Champagne region where indeed you will walk through the vineyards and if necessary could combine your interest for a good drink with your hiking fever. In the end of the long trail is the mundane city of Paris.


GR14A, La Vallée de la Marne

For those who love to walk along rivers and soak themselves into history and nature alike, the GR14A  offers an interesting view into the old power center of France, the River Marne.

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GR 14 Sentier de l'Ardenne, 95km
GR 14, 1.2km
Du GR 655 au GR14, 10km


Hiking map Belgium GR14

Map of GR14


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  • GR 14: Bouillon - Bar-le-Duc
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