1. Name Westweg
  2. Length of trail 280 km, 174 miles
  3. Length in days 11 days
  4. Start of trail Pforzheim
  5. End of trail Basel
  6. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  7. Hut tour grading T1, Walk


Westweg, Pforzheim – Basel, 280 km, 11 days

The Black Forest is another romantic corner of Germany, and even in our modern days, when forests are collections of clones of one and the same tree, you will undoubtedly be charmed by the huge firs, the stout villages in deep valleys, the traces of old tourism.

The Westweg is a path on – hm – the west side of the Schwarzwald starting in Pforzheim on the northern edge of the mountains, across the high central parts (Feldberg, 1494 m), viewing the Rhine valley, to Basel in Switzerland. In between are plenty of hotels, open all year, old, good, fairly priced.

The Westweg is the oldest German long distance footpath, dating back to 1900. Over the years, the path has constantly been maintained and improved. It has the predicates of the Premiumwanderweg and Qualitätswanderweg.

This here is a long trail, a very famous one too. But then, you finally visited the Black Forest, on your wish list for years.

Select some tracks
St. Pöltner Westweg, 9.1km
.Westweg [01. Pforzheim→Dobel], 25km
.Westweg [02. Dobel→Forbach], 27km
.Westweg [03. Forbach→Unterstmatt], 19km
.Westweg [05. Alexanderschanze→Hark], 17km
.Westweg [06. Hark→Hausach], 15km
.Westweg [07. Hausach→Wilhelmshöhe], 20km
.Westweg [08. Wilhelmshöhe→Kalte Herberge], 22km
.Westweg (westliche Variante), 88km
.Westweg (Höhenvariante), 7.4km
.Westweg (Variante Brandenkopf), 6.5km
.Westweg (Direktvariante Gausbach), 0.8km


Rate 8.0 | 1 vote | No 7. in Germany
  • Henk Nouws February 2000
  • Rate 8
  • Positive I hiked parts of this trail. Impressive forests. Excellent cross country skiing.
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Cicerone Press
United Kingdom
  • The Westweg
  • Guidebook to the Westweg (Westway), a 285km walk across Germany's Black Forest from Pforzheim to Basel. This classic route, which includes Feldberg, Black Forest's highest peak, takes 13 to 14 days, each day stage ranging from 15 to 28km. Two variants are described, both well way-marked and suitable for those new to long distance walking. Read more
  • Also available from:
  • Stanfords, United Kingdom
  • The Book Depository, United Kingdom
  • De Zwerver, Netherlands
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United Kingdom
  • The Westway: Through Germany`s Black Forest
  • This guidebook is all you need to discover The Westweg, a 285km walk along the length Germany`s Black Forest from Pforzheim to Basel. This classic long-distance trail takes around two weeks to walk, in stages of 15-28km. The route is well way-marked and suitable for experienced hikers and those new to long distance walking, though some sections... Read more
The Book Depository
United Kingdom
De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids The Westweg | Cicerone
  • Uitstekende wandelgids van een meerdaagse tocht in het Zwarte Woud in Duitsland. Goede beschrijvingen, veel praktische informatie en redelijke kaarten al zullen deze niet helemaal voldoende zijn. Guidebook to the Westweg (Westway), a 285km walk across Germany's Black Forest from Pforzheim to Basel. This classic route, which includes Feldberg,... Read more
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De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids Hikeline Fernwanderweg Westweg Schwarzwald | Esterbauer
  • Handzame gids met een goede beschrijving van een groot aantal dagtochten in dit gebied. Der Westweg führt von Pforzheim im Nordschwarzwald über die Hornisgrinde, Kinzigtal und Feldberg nach Basel. Er ist 285 Kilometer lang und überwindet dabei etwas mehr als 9.000 Höhenmeter. In Titisee teilt sich der Westweg: Die westliche Variante verbindet... Read more
De Zwerver
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De Zwerver
  • Wandelkaart 2505 Westweg Schwarzwald | Kompass
  • Goede wandelkaart met vrijwel alle topografische details en ingetekende routes. Ook met symbolen voor toeristische bezienswaardigheden, register. Berghutten duidelijk weergegeven. Gevaarlijke wandelroutes zijn goed herkenbaar. Die KOMPASS-Wander-Tourenkarten sind Wanderkarten, die die bekanntesten Weitwanderwege beschreiben und mit zahlreichen... Read more
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