1. Name E11 (E11)
  2. Length of trail 2,070 km, 1,286 miles
  3. Length in days 100 days
  4. Start of trail The Hague (Nl)
  5. End of trail Lithuanian border (Lt)
  6. Traildino grading EW, Easy walk, nature trail

E11, Marskramerpad, Amersfoort, Netherlands

E11: The Hague (Nl) - Augustov (Pl) - Lithuania (Lt), 2070 km

North Sea – Harz – Mark Brandenburg – Masuren

This E11 path currently measures about 2070 km, and it runs west to east, starting on the North Sea coast in The Hague in the Netherlands, and leading across Germany and Poland to the border with Lithuania.

In the Netherlands and the first part of Germany, the E11 follows well established routes, waymarked, named. From the German city of Hameln onwards, local trails are used, still waymarked. A long, long trail takes you all the way to Berlin and beyond. The Harz is a fine destination halfway, and indeed, before "die Wende" the E11 was called "Netherlands - Harz Trail", and halted at the Iron Curtain.

That's history now. We can pass the frontier, somewhere halfway the Harz, without even noticing the recent past. And the trail eventualy brings us into the heart of modern and ancient Germany, Berlin. It continues further east. The finish of the German part of the E11 is on the historic city of Frankfurt an der Oder, which now constitutes the border with Poland. 

In Poland, the E11 is not well waymarked and established as it is in The Netherlands and Germany. Even the precise course has not been defined everywhere. It will run through the heart of Poland and traverse the forests in the east of the country. The end of the trail these days is in the town of Augustów and village of Ogrodniki, in the border area with Lithuania and Belarus. Plans exist to extend the E11 into Lithuania and even Russia.

Let's have a look at the constituent parts of the E11:

Netherlands (350 km)

Germany (920 km)

  • Töddenweg to Osnabrück
  • (the stretch between Deventer and Osnabrück is also called the Handelsweg)
  • Wittekindsweg to Lübbecke
  • Wesergebirgsweg to Hameln
  • Local trails, waymarked, toBerlin and Frankfurt an der Oder
  • Last village in Germany Frankfurt an der Oder

Poland (800 km, partly marked)

  • First village in Poland is SÅ‚ubice
  • SÅ‚ubice - OÅ›no Lubuskie – MiÄ™dzyrzecz – MiÄ™dzychód – ToruÅ„ – Brodnica – GoÅ‚dap - Ogrodniki
  • Last village in Poland is Ogrodniki


  • Possible future extension
Select some tracks
European long distance path E11
European long distance path E11 - part Netherlands
.Marskramerpad deel 19, 19km
.Marskramerpad deel 18, 22km
.Marskramerpad deel 17, 17km
.Marskramerpad deel 16, 17km
.Marskramerpad deel 15, 20km
.Marskramerpad deel 14, 17km
.Marskramerpad deel 13, 36km
.Marskramerpad deel 12, 23km
.Marskramerpad deel 11, 15km
.Marskramerpad deel 10, 13km
.Marskramerpad deel 9, 11km
.Marskramerpad deel 8, 13km
.Marskramerpad deel 7, 22km
.Marskramerpad deel 6, 15km
.Marskramerpad deel 5, 17km
.Marskramerpad deel 4, 20km
.Marskramerpad deel 3, 12km
.Marskramerpad deel 2, 16km
.Marskramerpad deel 1, 26km
European long distance path E11 - part Germany
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E11, Niedersachsen (M), 99km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E11, Sachsen-Anhalt (W), 163km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E11, Sachsen-Anhalt (O), 98km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E11, Brandenburg (M), 63km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E11, Brandenburg (O), 129km
.European long distance path E11 - part Poland, 1195km
.European long distance path E11 - part Lithuania, 80km
Sentiero 11 - Tillier-Réan - E, 2.9km
E10-E11, 0.2km
E11-E16, 0.8km
E11-E16, 0.4km
Sentiero Italia - Tappa E11, 22km


Map European Long Distance Trail E11


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  • Joost van Os 2015-09-06 16:22:53
  • Hiking community
  • I'd like to invite you for the Facebook-community of the E11. Started in Dutch in 2012, but already members from all countries on the trail. We are looking for people who would like to expand the train eastward, starting in Lithuania. https://www.facebook.com/groups/E11.Europese.Wandelroute/
    • Lilly 2017-02-28 19:22:59
    • I have joined your group! Even though it's in Dutch I enjoy the pictures very much! I am looking forward to hiking on E11 this summer :)
  • Patrick 2014-12-31 18:25:21
  • Project for 2015
  • I plan to do this path in 2015. Infomation seem to be good until Poland but am not sure how to get detailed information for crossing all 3 Baltic countries.until St Petersburg: 2016 or 17 would see me coming back but following the E9. Informtion, tips and advice are welcome.
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