1. Name Klompenpaden

Klompenpaden are circular "wooden shoe paths", usually 10-20 km in length. The paths try to avoid hard surface roads and paths. Well marked.

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Paradijspad Klompenpad, 6.3km
Klompenpad Pelserpad
Klompenpad Pelserpad Wandelroute 15km, 14km
Dashorsterpad (Klompenpad blauw), 12km
Doesburgermolenpad (klompenpad), 6.3km
Valkschepad (klompenpad), 8.3km
Snorrenhoefpad (Klompenpad rood), 8.1km
Glindhorsterpad (Klompenpad groen), 9.7km
Klompenpad: Overstaproute Doesburgermolenpad en Turfvelderpad, 5.5km
Goilberdingerpad - Klompenpad


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