Snowy hike

Beautiful hike! With my friend Gerard we started in Landmannalaugar. Not long after the start we came in the snow. This year there was more than usual. So the first night was camping in the snow! Next day the we had to walk in snow and gail-force winds!! Near the beautiful lake Altavatn the snow was gone but the wind was still very strong. Rest of the trail was more easy walking. Great trail with al the colors and weard volcanic landscape! Unique trail!

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    Laugavegur, Iceland | Rate 10

    PositiveThe unique volcanic caracter and briljant colors in this mountaintrail!!

    NegativeActually we had some bad weather but this didn't change much to the unique features of this hike (fumaroles, weard landscape).

  • When June 2017

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Snowy & beautiful laugavegur