One of the greatest walks and things ive evere done......tough tough tough.....I walked it in 27days with full pack (wild camping) and on the cusp between autumn and the start of winter.....I lost 2stone in weight aprox ......but the scenery and the incult nature of these mountains rewards you at every turn. And there is a real feeling of achievement on reaching banyuls sur mer ........the only let down was the crappy badly photocopied certificate I got at Banyuls ... I wanted something amazing , no t-shirts or hats or any merchandise to buy that would celebrate an amazing jouney. Still the memories will last a life time

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    GR10 - Traversée des Pyrénées, France | Rate 10

    PositiveThis was my first long distance walk abroad (not including the camino Santiago). I went with my tent and wild camped nearly all the route. It took me 27 days...and the weather was fluctuating between sunny mountain days and moderate snow days. It was Just awesome....not just one of the best walks ive ever done but one of the best things ive ever done. Wild and rugged and not crowded....go..enjoy

  • When September 2008