Coming from a struggling middle class family, who valued education and a good job, I had followed the path of becoming a Computer Science Engineer and working as a Software Developer. However, with my childhood spent mostly in the freedom of the Himalayan Foothills of Bhutan and Bengal, how could I remain constrained within the artificially air conditioned rooms of the corporates. Everything was so artificial about it !! Though it gave me money to do my first ever high altitude trek - The Roopkund Ronti Saddle Trek. That was it... that was what was required by my soul.. The trek got me back into my skin and merged my soul with me. Life of the corporates never felt interesting anymore, regardless of the money and comfort.

From then till now, lots of sacrifices in normal life gifted me the best ever experiences of life, which none can snatch from me.. After college, while all of my friends lived for accumulating things which they will leave behind, I made myself busy gaining things which I will take with me to my death bed

Rest of the journey of my life is just wonderful !! The Himalayas owns me. Though the vast himalayas cannot be lived in a single life, I have trekked in Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal, Uttrakhand, Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim. My future will see me deeper and higher in the himalayas.

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