1. Name E1 (E1)
  2. Length of trail 7,000 km, 4,350 miles
  3. Length in days 350 days
  4. Start of trail North Cape (N)
  5. End of trail Castellucio (I)
  6. Traildino grading MW, Moderate walk, backpacking trail
  7. Hut tour grading T1, Walk

E1, SwitzerlandE1: North Cape (N) - Castellucio (I), 4900+ km.

North Sea – Lake Constance – Gotthard – Mediterranean Sea.

Approximately 7000 km long trail leading from north to south, starting at Grövel Lake in Sweden, through Denmark, Germany and Switzerland to Scapoli in Italy.

Recently, the trail has been extended all the way to the North Cape in Norway! Starting in 2013, the waymarking will be ready.

Norway (2105 km)

Sweden (1200 km)

Denmark (378 km)

Jylland (Jutland):

  • Boat from Varberg, Sweden
  • Start in Grenå
  • Molsruten, Grenå - Risskov, 77 km marked
  • Local trails, Risskov - Vrads Sande, 85 km mostly marked
  • Hærvejen, Vrads Sande - Rønsdam, 213 km marked (Vrads Sande is about 50 km south of Viborg, the end of the Haervejen)
  • Gendarmstien, Rønsdam - Kruså, 3 km marked

Germany (1830 km)

Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg

  • Start in Kupfermühle / Kruså / Flensburg

Eastern route

  • Local trails via Kiel, Lübeck, Güster, together with E6
  • Local trails from Güster to Hamburg

Western alternative

  • Schlei – Eider – Elbe Wanderweg, Flensburg – Hamburg

Niedersachsen, 339 km

  • From Hamburg local trails via Buchholz/Nordheide, Soltau to Müden Örtze
  • From Müden local trails via Celle, Führberg, Otternhagen, Haste, Springe, Hameln to Bösingfeld

Nordrhein-Westfalen, 276 km

  • From Bösingfeld local trails to Horn
  • Eggeweg, Horn – Marsberg, 70 km
  • From Marsberg local trails via Wirminghausen, Schwalefeld, Altastenburg, Bad Berleburg, Bad Laasphe, Lahnhof, Siegen to Herdorf

Rheinland-Pfalz, 169 km

  • From Herdorf local trails via Fuchskaute, Unnau, Selters, Montabaur, Nassau, Balduinstein, Michelbach to Idstein

Hessen, 165,5 km

  • From Idstein local trails via Oberursel, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen, Dreieichenhain, Ober-Ramstadt, Bensheim, Nieder-Liebersbach to Heidelberg

Baden-Württemberg, 464 km

Switzerland (348 km)

  • Entering from Germany at Konstanz (Bodensee)
  • Via Jacobi to Vierwaldstättersee;
  • Trans-Swiss Trail to Italian border;
  • Leaving near Lugano;


Select some tracks
European long distance path E1
European long distance path E1 - part Sweden
Europaled 1, Sverige, Västra Götalands län, 69km
Västra Vätterleden, 133km
.Västra Vätterleden: Etapp 7, Semesterbyn - Fagerhult, 15km
.Västra Vätterleden: Etapp 8, Fagerhult - Hotel Mullsjö, 29km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 1, 13km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 2, 9.3km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 3, 9.6km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 4, 13km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 5, 19km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 6, 20km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 7, 11km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 8, 15km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 9, 11km
.Sjuhäradsleden Etapp 10, 21km
.Europaled 1, Sverige, Örebro län, 284km
Europaled 1, Sverige, Dalarnas län, 276km
.Vasaloppet, 90km
.Gagnefs fäbodstigar, 25km
Europaled 1, Sverige, Hallands län
.Hallandsleden Etappen Blåvättnerna - Stensjön, 11km
.Hallandsleden Etappen Stensjön - Äskhult, 15km
.Hallandsleden Etappen Äskhult - Stättared, 14km
.Hallandsleden Etappen Stättared - Dranstugan, 17km
.Hallandsleden Etappen Dranstugan - Gällarpesjön, 20km
.Hallandsleden Etappen Gällarpesjön - Åkulla, 18km
.Hallandsleden Etappen Varberg - Åkulla, 21km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Schweden, Jönköpings län, 34km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Schweden, Norrbottens län, 138km
.European long distance path E1 - part Denmark, 486km
European long distance path E1 - part Germany
European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, 436km
.Busshuttle Herrentunnel Lübeck->Kücknitz, 2km
.Busshuttle Herrentunnel Kücknitz->Lübeck, 2.2km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Schleswig-Holstein (alternative route Lübeck), 13km
.Wanderweg Schlei-Eider-Elbe / Fernwanderweg E1, Schleswig-Holstein, Westvariante, 261km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Hamburg, 56km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Hamburg (alternative route Bergedorf), 3km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen (North), 130km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen (turn-off Bad Driburg), 0.9km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen (south), 172km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Reinland-Pfalz (North), 78km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Reinland-Pfalz (centre), 52km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Reinland-Pfalz (region Taunus West), 40km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Hessen (region Taunus centre), 29km
.(no name), 50km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Hessen (region Forest of Odes north), 94km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg (region Forest of Odes south), 107km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg (region Schwarzwald north), 111km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg (region Schwarzwald centre), 119km
.European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg (region Schwarzwald south), 132km
.European long distance path E1 - part Switzerland, 310km
.European long distance path E1 - part Italy, 1240km
Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1 - Norwegischer Abschnitt
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Norwegen, Finnmark, 383km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Norwegen, Troms, 234km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Norwegen, Nordland, 579km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Norwegen, Hedmark, 101km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Norwegen, Nord-Trøndelag, 395km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Norwegen, missing part, 19km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Norwegen, Røros-Nedalshytta, 95km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1 - Finnischer Abschnitt, 65km
European Long distance path E1 - part Germany, Hamburg (alternative route Boberger Düne), 3.7km
(no name), 2.5km
Ebergötzer Rundweg, 5.5km
Cafe Fellinger Runde (Bewegungsarena Linsberg Asia), 1.3km
Ortswanderweg Erlenbach 1
Erfttalweg E 1. Etappe, 21km
Erfttalweg E 1.Etappe, 0.5km
GR 285 Mendibai ibilbidea
.GR 285 E1 Mendibai ibilbidea (Elgoibar-Azpeitia), 30km
.GR 285 E2 Mendibai ibilbidea (Azpeitia-Tolosa), 25km
.GR 285 E3 Mendibai ibilbidea (Tolosa-Ereñotzu), 34km
.GR 285 E4 Mendibai ibilbidea (Ereñotzu-Behobia), 35km
Rundwanderweg E1, 12km
Pratolungo – Innesto Sentiero E1, 2.5km
Rundwanderweg Erbach 1:, 8.5km
Ortswanderweg Eschau 1, 6.4km
E1 E6 Bungsberg Abkürzung, 1.6km
Europäischer Fernwanderweg E1, Deutschland, Schleswig-Holstein, Alternativroute Lübeck, 0.1km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E6, Deutschland, Exkurs Lübeck-Ost, 4.2km
.Europäischer Fernwanderweg E6, Deutschland, Exkurs Lübeck-Süd, 7.5km


Map European Long Distance Trail E1

Map European Long Distance Trail E1

Hike Reports

  • E1 Lake Lugano to North of Genoa

  • Ken Caldwell September 2016
  • This is a hike report on the route of the E1 in northern Italy from the Swiss border at Lake Lugano to Serravalle Scrivia. north of Genoa. It includes a general route description, details of hiking maps, and day by day route descriptions (includin...
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De Zwerver
  • Wandelgids 411 Kautokeino - Nordkap E1 | Conrad Stein Verlag
  • Handzaam boekje met de routebeschrijving inclusief een heleboel praktische informatie. De beschrijving is uitstekend, maar kaarten zijn wat beperkt. Duits. Die 330 km lange Wanderung auf dem E1 von Kautokeino zum Nordkap ist ein unvergessliches Wanderabenteuer. In 15 Etappen laufen Sie durch die Wildnis Nordnorwegens und überqueren die... Read more
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United Kingdom
  • El Arquipelago dos Acores - E1
  • On this 2016 edition the latest depth surveys have been applied. New Marine Reserves are shown where appropriate as are new submarine cables. Completed harbour development is now shown on the Porto das Velas plan as are the current works in progress. There has been general updating throughout. Plans included: Vila das Lajes (1:20 000) Horta... Read more
Ordnance Survey
United Kingdom
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  • rainer.m 2017-09-01 21:38:40
  • GPX-herunterladen
  • Hallo in die Runde.

    Ich möchte mir den Teil des E1 als GPX herunteladen, von Hamburg bis Genua. Ich habe die entsprechenden Teile angeklickt, aber es lässt sich nicht herunteladen. Was mache ich falsch?

    LG... Rainer aus Bochum
  • camilojoseroa@gmail.com 2017-04-12 14:19:53
  • Hike part of the E1

  • Hello Dears, I'm going to Europe at the end of may and I'm thinking to do part of the route E1, i would like to start in south of Germany untill north of Italy, going through Switzerland. I have few questions about the route.

    Do I need to have any permission to hike the trail?
    Can I camp during the route?,
    Are there campsites on the route?
    What is the main thing i need to know about this route?

    If someone can help me with this questions, i will be really grateful.

    Thank you
    • Ken Caldwell 2017-05-28 16:37:14
    • Hi
      For the Italian part of this route, see our hike report on this page (Traildino E1 page).
      You do not need permission to hike this part of the route.
      I have no information on camping - suggest you look at the campsite websites for northern Italy.
  • Jacob Sudell 2016-03-16 22:23:26
  • E1 from Konstanz!
  • Hi all!
    Im hoping to get some advice on acomodation for my trip through the alps on E1 inay June.
    I've seen some poeple on forums say that 'free camping' is not allowed but is widely accepted in alpine areas. Im doing this on a tight budget so if this is possible i'd prefer to free camp also. Do you think this is possible?
  • Glaucus 2015-11-12 18:56:48
  • planning and reaources
  • I'm looking at planning a long distance hike along for 2017
    E9 Plymouth to Hoek van Holland
    E8 Hoek Van Holland to Limburg
    E1 Limburg to Palermo

    But there seems to be next to no resources available unlike all the long distance trails in the united states. and website I have found main through this site. Google translate is doing a terrible job of translating.

    Does anyone know any better resources for these sections. List of maps, guides or anything else of use.
  • wanderlust.au 2015-03-06 01:30:03
  • Emergency Situations...
  • Hi All!

    I will be hiking the E1 solo from Nordkapp down to Germany from June this year.

    If anyone here has undertaken the northern sections of this walk (eg. Nordkapp through to the Swedish sections), can you please try to give me an idea of what to expect? How cold might it get during June/July - any "extremes" like -20 degrees, etc.? How many days between towns (or stores)?

    Also, would it be best to purchase a satellite phone, purely in case of emergency? Would an epirb be better? Or will a simple cell phone be sufficient?

    Any advice or suggestions would be really greatly appreciated - the E1 seems to be a very difficult subject to find much information on!

    Thank you!
    • Roland 2015-07-09 23:43:21
    • Hi!

      I hope you got your answers and are now having a great time in Norway. If you are keeping a blog I would like to read it, since I'm thinking about doing this trail also. How is it? What do you eat? What did you pack? Are the nights really could? Etc...
      It indeed seems difficult to find concrete information about it!

      Wish you all the best of luck!!

      Greetings Roland (the Netherlands)
    • Bakkis 2015-07-29 21:13:14
    • There's a lot of information at www.ut.no, but the page is in Norwegian. Might work with google translate though :)
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